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National Museum Complex Masterplan
Administrative City, Korea

​행정중심도시 국립박물관단지 마스터플랜 국제설계공모 계획안

Museum Malling;

The Principle of Organization

& Consumption of Museum Complex

"Museum Malling" is a proposal of principles on how to make an urban composition that penetrates the entire national museum complex and how the visitors of this complex can meet and consume it just like the experience in a contemporary shopping mall where various cultures are enjoyed along with shopping.

We propose four concepts below;

1) Malling Museum

2) Open Museum Park

3) Innovative Cultural Compound

4) Infinite Cultural Network





Floor Area

Design Team



:   Museum Complex / Master Plan

:   Central Operation Center

    National Children Museum, Storehouse

:   2016.11

:   Administrative City, Korea

:   73,665 sqm (Phase1)

:   119,573 sqm (Phase2)

:   Zo Hangman, Im Jonghoon, 

:   Min Saewon (SNU)


:   Woonsaengdong

:   1st Entry Nominee

Master Plan Concept & Directions

Urban Connections: 

Relationship Between Sejong-si and NMC

Master Plan & Zoning Process & Description
Museum Malling
Central Operation Center
Open Museum, Outdoor Space
Museum Courtyard
National Children Museum
Museum Exterior
Open Courtyard
Active Malling Scape
Museum Birds' Eyed View
Central Storehouse
Central Storehouse(Left), National Children Museum (Right) 
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