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Design Competition for Geumcheon Fire Station
​금천소방서 설계공모 계획안

Multi-purpose Courtyard for

Comfortable Living & Working

We planed a fire station with a multipurpose courtyard as a way to overcome the 7m elevation difference between the east and west using small scale land area as far as possible. In the fire department with many outside activities, fire drill and maintenance work are carried out on the courtyard, and it is used as rest space, exercise, and leisure space for the members. The firefighting officer's house and the waiting space facing the south are ventilated and lighted smoothly through the courtyard, so that it is possible to maintain a bright and pleasant environment at all times, in addition to ventilating the garage and the work space. On the other hand, the terraced gardens surrounding the courtyard, the staff resting area, the outside roof gardens that serve as a training ground, and the large terrace on the 5th floor in connection with the inner rooms allow inhabitants to take stable and comfortable life with full of relaxation.​




Site Area

Building Area

Floor Area 

Design Team


:   Fire Station / Urban Planning Facility

:   2017.03

:   Geumcheon-Gu, Seoul, Korea

:   3,192 sqm  

:   1,495 sqm  

:   5,239.97sqm  

:   Seo Jiyoung, Kim Garim (TAAL)

:   Zo Hangman, Im Jonghoon (SNU)

:   bi.WON Architects

Front View from Siheung-Daero

Clear Zoning & Circulation


We divide the work area of ​​the fire department and the life area for ​​the firefighters and arrange the center core at the intersection where the two areas meet perpendicularly, connecting the different type of space. The first and second floors above ground are arranged as a firefighter's dispatching and waiting space. Visitors from the 3rd to 5th floors approaching from the back road can be accessed to locate the civil service room, the safety experience room, and the auditorium. The dispatching line is equipped with necessary goods and tools and the distance to the vehicle is shortened, so that it can be accessed in the shortest time. Also on the second floor, the terraces of the employee's dormitory were connected to the east, the southern stepped gardens and the bridge on the second floor garage, providing leisure and walking routes to the inhabitants.

Birds' Eyed View Plan : Inner Courtyard



Employees park in the basement of the building, fire trucks are parked on the ground floor around deck garage and courtyards area.

Visitors for getting civil service are parked in front of the third floor entrance, allowing direct access to the fire station from the back road. In particular, the parking area for ​​the civilian was provided with a solar panel-covered canopy to guide the access to the entrance and provide a pleasant walking and parking environment.

Multi-purpose Courtyard
Courtyard Birds' Eyed View
Visitors' Access
Plan : 1F
Plan : 3F
Elevation : West
Elevation : East
Section : Horizontal
Section : Vertical
Main Entrance View
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