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서울특별시 국제학생건축상 수상_edited

2021 Seoul Architecture Awards, Honorable Mention (Tutor of Seoul National University) 2022.09.15

서울대학교 관악수목원 교육관리동

2021 Korea Wood Design Awards, Excellence Award (SNU Gwanak Arboretum) 2021.10.21

남양주왕숙2 도시기본구상 및 이베적 도시공간계획 공모 - 최우수상

Wangsuk2 District (Namyangju-si) Urban Planning Competition, Grand Award 2020.06.01

2018 대한민국 목조건축대전 본상

2018 Korea Wood Design Awards, Main Award (SNU South Forest) 2018.12.10

20181017_신양공학학술상 교육분야

2018 Shinyang Academic Awards, Excellence in Education, 2018.10.17

20160127_Honorable Mention_Xian Workshop

Sino-Korea Architectural Student's Workshop, Honorable Mention, 2016.01.27 (Xi'an, China)

2007 Grand Prize MPPAT

The First Prize The Multi-functional Administrative City Construction Agency and the Korea Land Corporation 2007.02.13

2018 Coffee Culture Complex

2018 Coffee Culture Complex, Hwaseoung-Si, 1st Prize 2018.01.29

2016 Kim Swoo Geun Preview Awards

2016 Kim Swoo Geun Preview Awards Exhibition at Space FEELUX, Arco Gallery 2016.06.09 ~ 2016.06.17


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