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Towards A new Architecture Lab.

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The core interests of TAALab (Towards A new Architecture Lab) revolve around the thematic domains of 'Future,' 'Tools,' and 'Neutrality & Entelechy' within the architectural realm. The lab is dedicated to an exhaustive examination and exploration of subjects and issues about these pivotal themes, drawing insights from the spheres of humanity, architecture, urbanism, and the natural world.


Inevitably, novelty and divergence characterize the future. The immutable axiom that 'Everything must change' underscores the cosmic reality. Consequently, harboring skepticism towards the notion that 'The future of architecture will diverge from its past and present' presents a formidable challenge. Architectural design, rooted in its historical and contemporary contexts, is intricately intertwined with human endeavors, the evolution of architecture, urban landscapes, and nature. Nonetheless, its essence lies in the impending era.



Concepts, diagrams, sketches, renderings, prototypes, 3D modeling, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) serve as instruments for prediction and visualization during architecture's conceptualization phase. However, the trajectory of architecture in forthcoming epochs hinges upon the current capabilities and limitations of these tools, which facilitate the emergence of architectural manifestations.

Neutrality and Entelechy:

Entelechy, the ethereal essence underlying architecture, encompasses a vast spectrum of interpretations and choices. It emanates from a state of neutrality devoid of any imposition, be it efficiency, functionality, aesthetics, stylistic preferences, or messaging. Neutrality in architecture epitomizes a versatile platform capable of accommodating diverse adaptations and interpretations, structured upon a reasoned synthesis of technical expertise and physical infrastructure.



An Analysis of Location and Spatial Characteristics of Online Logistics Center for Fresh Food Distribution


A Study on the Evolution of Glenn Murcutt’s Verandah House


Analysis of Branding Activity Trends Using the Space of Domestic Enterprises - Focused on Maxim Plant, Amore-Seongsu and BEAT360 -


A Study on the Expression of Narrative in Liu Jiakun’s Architecture


A Study on the Features of Chinese Traditional Calligraphy and Landscape Painting in Wangshu’s Architecture


A Study on the Characteristics of Smoking Space in Commercial Street - Analysis of Streets in Hongdae by Using Space Syntax and ERAM Model -


Spatial Variation Analysis of Beijing Siheyuan - Comparison of the Beijing Traditional Housing in ancient and modern China -


A Study on the Housing as Medium between the Self-establishment and the Selection - Focused on Narrative Structure of ’Online-housewarming’ -


A Study on Characteristics of Sightseeing-Space of Euljiro Manufacturing District through Inner City Walking Tour - Focused on Jung-gu Walking Tour ‘Eulji-Uram’ -


A Study on Characteristics of 'The Platform Space' in Contemporary Container Architecture


An Study on the Meaning of Physical Composition of Linear Park As Urban Greenway


A Study on the anticipated Changes of Architectural Design Tools and Process under IPD Environment through Comparison Analysis of Domestic & Foreign Cases


Study on changes in the living space of the modern monastery


Diagnosis Study on Open Space Changes through Big Park Planning in Seoul

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