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Toward A new Architecture Lab.

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Main interests of TAALab (Towards A new Architecture Lab) are including ‘Future’, ‘Tools’ and ‘Neutrality & Entelechy’ of architecture. The lab will select & research topics and issues related key words above from human, architecture city and nature.

Novelty and difference are inevitable. Since the only absolute truth that human beings can rely on in the universe is ‘Everything must change’, it’s very hard to be suspicious about the hypothesis ‘The future of architecture will be different from its present and past’. Architectural design in its nature as creation belongs to the future. It stands on the past and present grounds of humans, architecture, city, and nature, but, eventually constitutes the upcoming.

Concepts, ideas, diagrams, sketches, drawings, images, models, 3D modeling and BIM, etc are just tools for the prediction and representation of architecture before its existence. However, the fate of architecture in the future depends on the current possibilities and limits of the tools that produce architecture.

Neutrality and Entelechy

Entelechy, the immaterial values of architecture - maximum possibilities of interpretation and choice; come from neutrality independent from any imposition including efficiency, function, aesthetics, style, and message. The architecture of neutrality can be explained as the platform to host multiple changes and interpretations based on a rational combination of the technical and physical substructure.



An Analysis of Location and Spatial Characteristics of Online Logistics Center for Fresh Food Distribution


A Study on the Evolution of Glenn Murcutt’s Verandah House


Analysis of Branding Activity Trends Using the Space of Domestic Enterprises - Focused on Maxim Plant, Amore-Seongsu and BEAT360 -


A Study on the Expression of Narrative in Liu Jiakun’s Architecture


A Study on the Features of Chinese Traditional Calligraphy and Landscape Painting in Wangshu’s Architecture


A Study on the Characteristics of Smoking Space in Commercial Street - Analysis of Streets in Hongdae by Using Space Syntax and ERAM Model -


Spatial Variation Analysis of Beijing Siheyuan - Comparison of the Beijing Traditional Housing in ancient and modern China -


A Study on the Housing as Medium between the Self-establishment and the Selection - Focused on Narrative Structure of ’Online-housewarming’ -


A Study on Characteristics of Sightseeing-Space of Euljiro Manufacturing District through Inner City Walking Tour - Focused on Jung-gu Walking Tour ‘Eulji-Uram’ -


A Study on Characteristics of 'The Platform Space' in Contemporary Container Architecture


An Study on the Meaning of Physical Composition of Linear Park As Urban Greenway


A Study on the anticipated Changes of Architectural Design Tools and Process under IPD Environment through Comparison Analysis of Domestic & Foreign Cases


Study on changes in the living space of the modern monastery


Diagnosis Study on Open Space Changes through Big Park Planning in Seoul

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