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SNU Gwanak Arboretum_WORMSEYE-01.png

SNU Gwanak Arboretum
Education & Management Building Construction

​서울대학교 관악수목원 교육관리동 신축공사

Making a Contemporary Autogenous

Vernacular Architecture

The “SNU Gwanak Arboretum” hopes to function beyond a center for research, preservation, and exhibition of South Korea’s native plants in the South Scientific Forest. The center encompasses spatial qualities that work according to nature like a tree that is native to the site. Likewise, the center positions itself on the site as if its roots are naturally borne from the site. Qualities such as sunlight and raindrops are felt and heard by the users within the center, allowing users to interact and connect with the neighboring site.




Site Area

Floor Area

Building Area


Building Size

Building Height

Finish Material

Design Team


Physical Model

:   Education & Management Building

:   2014. 10 ~ 2016. 01 (Design)

:   2016. 04 ~ 2017. 11 (Construction)

:   San 16-1, Anyangdong, Anyang-Si, Korea

:   2,252.40 sqm

:   1,162.49 sqm 

:   900.52 sqm

:   RC (Basement Level)

    Wooden Framed Structure (1st, 2nd  Floor)

:   B1, 2F

:   12.30m

:   Wood Siding, Recycled Brick Cladding,       

    THK24 Low-E Double Pane Glass,   

    Galvanized Steel Sheet Roof

:   Zo Hangman, Im Jonghoon (SNU)

:   bi.WON Architects

:   Jeong Yeonjoong, So Youjeong,

    Kang Wonki (SNU)

Worm's Eye View

Architecture as Space, Architecture as Product

Site Plan
Concept Diagram&Sketch
Design Process
B1 Plan
1st Floor Plan
2nd Floor Plan
SNU Gwanak Arboretum_ELEVATION-01
SNU Gwanak Arboretum_ELEVATION-02
SNU Gwanak Arboretum_SECTION-01
SNU Gwanak Arboretum_SECTION-02
SNU Gwanak Arboretum_SECTION-03
SNU Gwanak Arboretum_SECTION-04
SNU Gwanak Arboretum_SECTION-05
Structural Anatomy
Roof Logics
Physical Model
From the Entrance
Courtyard Elevation
Courtyard Perspective
Courtyard Perspective
Aerial View
Exterior Perspective
Exhibition Hall
Exhibition Hall Exposed Structure
Lecture Room
Media Room
Roof Line during Sunset
Night View
Under Construction
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