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Nonhyun 47-17 Neighborhood Facility Design
​논현동 47-17 근린생활시설 

Brick Detail;

Spiral Stacking

Neighborhood living facility located in Nonhyeon - Dong is planned to be leased from the first floor to the third, and designed as the owner living space above. 

Setback regulation for the right of the sunshine provides design ideas rather than limits the directions. As a result, bricks are dominantly used making stepped mass, which allows plentiful sunlight coming inside. In addition, brick reflects its weight and the aesthetic of the stacked material gives frontal impact revealing light and shadow contrast.




Site Area

Floor Area

Building Area

Building Size

Finish Material

Design Team

Physical Model

:   Neighborhood Facility

:   2015.10 ~ 2016.01

:   47-17 Nonhyun-Dong, Gangnam-Gu

    Seoul, Korea 

:   392.70sqm (Housing : 118.79sqm)

:   995.40sqm (Housing : 301.11sqm)

:   231.89sqm (Housing : 70.15sqm)

:   B1F, 5F (Housing : 4,5F)

:   Brick 

:   Seo Jiyoung (TAAL)

:   Zo Hangman, Im Jonghoon (SNU)

:   Kim Dana (Intern, SNU)


Corner view from the access

Brick Stacking Mass

Perspective View from the corner
Stacked Facade
Stair type mass
Stair type mass
Site Plan
Perspective Model
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