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Mido Building Facade Renovation, Korea
​성남시 미도빌딩 외관 리모델링


Exterior Treatment

The signage frame design is integrated into facade structure system, which is cladded with stainless panels. The panel unit is modularized the size of signage boards, so as to achieve high consistency in frontal image made up of collective signage boards on the building exterior.

The size and style of typo is allowed to use under the design guideline, the facade itself is read as one feature regardless of tenants and program changes.




Finish Material

Design Team

:   Neighborhood Facility

    Facade Renovation

:   2014.02

:   21 Sujin-Dong, Sujeong-Gu,

    Seongnam-Si, Korea

:   Stainless Steel Panel

    Anticorrosive Paint

:   Seo Jiyoung (TAAL)

:   Zo Hangman (SNU)

Before Renovation
After Facade Renovation

Facade and Construction Detail

Stainless Steel Panel Facade
Road View from the Corner
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