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The Golden Rule:
Gwangju [Fun-Pun] Folly  III Entry

​광주 뻔뻔폴리 III 지명현상공모 

PLAY : Unfinished Architecture and Freedom

Experience Connected One

​Civic Participation Gwangju Poly III (Fun-Pun Foly) is a playground and urban furniture that tells us stories about freedom through play. Our proposal named “Golden Rule” is a device that connect You and I by one, not to apart from two. In the proposed poly “Golden Rule”, the five platforms are rearranged to each other by the number of users and the position change according to their movements through three linked sees and saw structure which are hidden on the floor. The wrapped envelope and the platform that moves vertically from the inside also stimulate the curiosity of citizens passing through the interior of daily life through the loosely translucent boundary and several openings located at the boundary.
This ever-changing, tiny open space is basically a new playground that responds to users. It is also a place for citizens to sit and read, a place to wait for lovers, a forum for discussion, a place for small performances and exhibitions, and continues to produce the fun as an architectural sculpture. We play freely through this undiscovered, coincidental, play-folly, and as a member of this society and our ecosystem of the earth, experiencing this Folly, we are inextricably linked and that it is the ontological nature of our human being.






Site Area

Building Area

Floor Area


Building Size

Finish Material

Design Team


:   Folly / Exhibition

:   2016.05

:   Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, Korea

:   Hybrid Structure (Arch+Cable)

:   113.40 sqm

:   58.30 sqm

:   72.35 sqm

:   RC, Light Steel Structure

:   B1F, 1F (maximum height : 3.90m)

:   Perforated Stainless Steel Panel,

    Colored Steel Plate, Tempered Glass

:   Zo Hangman, Im Jonghoon (SNU)

:   Honorable Mention

Membrane & Structure, Exploded Axonometric

Inter Connected Structure

Moving Platform Configuration
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