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Kunwon Engineering HQ Interior Design
(주)건원엔지니어링 본사 실내 공간 디자인

Escape from the Typical Office

Fit to User's Work Pattern,

Easy to Share and Transform!

Subject to fit the users' diversified work styles, the newly designed interior proposes a creative yet unique workspace that diverts away from the cliche office arrangements of desks and partitions. 


Kunwon Architects & Engineering, which recently moved to the knowledge Industry Center, introduced a 21st-century working environment that focuses on convergence and collaboration rather than efficiency and hierarchy. As the main tasks of the office are field supervising and CM, the office was designed to support meeting areas, in which co-workers can interact with one another, independent of changes in the number of staff members and organization.




Floor Area

Finish Material

Design Team



:   HQ Office / Interior

:   2016.12 ~ 2017.02

:   167, Songpa-daero, Seoul, Korea

:   1,974.00 sqm / 597.00 py

:   Birch Plywood, Oak Frame, Wood Flooring,

    Luxteel, Cement Block

:   Seo Jiyoung (TAAL)

:   Zo Hangman (SNU)

:   PLAB inc.

:   Shin Kyungsub 

P.M. & C.M. Part Area (Top)
Management Boards & Marketing Area(Bottom)

New Typology of Office Interior ; Maximum Openness and Flexible Usage

"Between Zone" in the Office Area
Glass Hinge Door Improves Openness Toward the Common Space

The large space was divided into four areas by the fireproof area and the public corridor, interfering with the unity and communication. Thus, the fire shutter was replaced with glass doors, and all the entries to each area were unified as much as possible to enhance the sense of openness.

There is a multi-purpose lounge at the main entrance, which is used as a common room, cafeteria, restaurant, event space, and a meeting place with outsiders. Being on the opposite of the area for the company executives, it encourages communication between the top management and the employees. The two facing walls of the grand conference room are finished with glass partitions, and the materials of rich texture such as lumber, cement block, steel sheet, metal, and marble are used in places to deliver the atmosphere of a construction site in a discreet manner.

On the inside, the workspace is separated by the departments, and among them is the "Between Zone" for meetings, relaxation, Reading books and O.A devices.

Multi-Purpose Lounge
Seatings and Reading Area
Lounge and Seatings
Meeting Room
Lounge Facing Executive Area
Executive Waiting Area
Rest Area, See through Lounge Area
Main Entrance
Information Desk Detail
Office Entrance
Office Corridor
Between Zone
img-(6)_BTW ZONE_3
Conference Room View from Corridor
Conference Room Interior
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