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In Nature Internal Medicine & Medical Center
Interior Design

​자연 속 내과 | 검진센터 실내 공간 디자인

Efficient Space Usage;

Easy Way-finding

An internal medicine practice that offers medical check up targets at two kinds of customers: those who come for medical check up and those who need medical care. Since the demand for room is larger than in other hospitals of the same size, the space should be divided into small rooms. This, however, gives a disadvantage of complex circulation, difficult way-finding, narrow and inefficient space.

The goals for the project were as follows:

a cozy and comfortable ambience as its name meant to be; a visual openness achieved by an efficient L-shaped layout that facilitates easy wayfinding; the spatiality that appears larger than it is.




Floor Area

Finish Material

Design Team

Graphic Design



:   Clinic, Medical Center / Interior Design

:   2015.09 ~ 2015.12

:   148-54, Dongtanadero sibeom-gil

    Hwaseong-si, Korea

:   297.00sqm / 90.00py

:   Tile, Marble, Wired Sheet Glass, Sheet

:   Seo Jiyoung (TAAL)

:   Zo Hangman (SNU)

:   Ha Hyeongwon

:   PLAB inc.

:   Lee Sanghoon (HooxMe)

"In Nature" Logo and Identity Pattern

Maximum Openness & Visual Connection

The designer applied light green and the natural color of the material such as wood and curry stone. The luminous intensity and color temperature in the waiting area and corridors were set lower than those in the medical treatment and check up areas.

Although most of the widows are surrounded by unit rooms, the inner walls of the clinical laboratory is opened to allow the inflow of natural light. In order to secure visual openness, the waiting room and the nurse station are located in the center, and the corridors and reception are designed in an open format so that the sight can penetrate several layers through the window of the inner walls. The upper part of the wall separating the examination room uses reflective material to loosen and blur the boundary of the ceiling, thus securing an open space.

Basic Examine Room (Upper), Recovery Room (Lower), Natural Sunlight Intake
Basic Examine Room (Upper), Recovery Room (Lower), Natural Sunlight Intake
Clinic Reception
Clinic Corridor
Clinic Interior Overview
Waiting Area
Doctor's Office
Waiting Area in front of the Office
Recovery Room
Infusions Room
Entrance from the Corridor
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