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YInternational Idea Competition for Urban Regeneration of Jamsil Sports Comeplex in Seoul, Korea
​잠실종합운동장 일대 도시재생구상 국제공모 계획안

Jamsil, Intimate Heterotopia

New Urban Hub of Seoul

As a symbolic legacy of the Seoul Olympic Games, 1988, Jamsil Sports Complex has remained with its limited function. On the other hand, it has been separated from its surrounding nature and fast changing urban conditions, also has been neglected from its inhabitants and visitors as well.

This proposal for international competition entry exploits 3 inherent assets of the site by redefining the water edge, by manipulating the topography of riverbanks with the function of flood control, and by reinforcing and squaring the plaza of the historical stadium. Olympic Expressway is undergrounded, and the levees are transformed into undulating and continuing terraced banks and landforms, influenced by layers of the mountains surrounding Seoul; they create a new horizon on the site as a framework of the development. The edge of flood zone becomes riparian as its original condition; the redefined riverbanks provide the underlying structural spine for the design of the waterside. The pier with urban beach and the dock for water sports brings urban life closer to the river.




Site Area 

Design Team


:   Urban Regeneration / MAster Plan

:   2015.08

:   Jamsil Sports Complex, Seoul, Korea

    Including Han River and Tancheon

:   948,000 sqm  

:   Zo Hangman, Im Jonghoon (SNU)

:   Yoon Jaehyung, Cho Youngdong

    Im Hongseok (TAALab. SNU)

:   Bae Youngwook, Do Gwanghun (SNU U.D)

:   Cho Yoonchul (PH6 DESIGN LAB)

Jamsil Regeneration Directions & Master Plan Proposal

Re-defining & Enhancing Urban Connections


The upper level of the site consists of new urban development plan incorporating mixed use programs, sports facilities.

Plaza and intimate alley streets provide a lively public place of daily life and source of civic pride. All these structures are still in the influence of dominant hill-scape; advanced relationship of city and nature. Urban links are restored back to Seoul through international business district and its lively waterfront. The district, with Tancheon cutting through, features global business center, shopping malls and hotels. The waterfront allows various urban amenities for workers, inhabitants and travelers. With its ecological value and social dynamics, the master plan addresses a paradigm of contemporary urban structuring integrated with a wild natural system, which would assure the place to be a valuable legacy to last for generations in the center of Seoul.

Engagement Physical Treatment with Social Activities
Phasing Plan
Future Jamsil Master Plan
X-game Park
Residence Community
Courtyard Market
Over Tancheon
Civic Pride with Social Life
Autumn in Square
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