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Yeoui-Naru Ferry Terminal Design Competition
​여의나루 국제 설계공모 계획안

Bridge To [NowHere]

Reconciling Urban with Nature

The Han River flows through Seoul, dividing the city between North and South. The River flows west out of the city and towards the West Sea, connecting Seoul to its global context. The proposal’s main idea is to create programmed links between the city and the river in connection with the terminal facilities in the form of a bridge structure, so that city life will naturally flow into the area.

Physically, the design balances connections inward to urban Seoul with connections outward to the Han River and beyond. Experimentally, the design creates a strong relationship to urban life and local ecology, while the commercial program remains physically separate from the environmental program. The western side of the bridge is oriented to public space, creating social activities on the modified hard edge. On the eastern side of the bridge, the design creates a rich ecological buffer and systems in order to facilitate public access to the river and the intricate ecology that thrive there. A network of paths allows people to discover the waterfront while taking the visitors through the native vegetation at the water’s edge.




Site Area

Building Area

Floor Area 

Design Team


:   Ferry Terminal / Waterfront Design

:   2017.06

:   Yeoui-Naru, Seoul, Korea

:   3,192 sqm  

:   1,495 sqm  

:   5,239.97sqm  

:   Seo Jiyoung, Kim Garim (TAAL)

:   Zo Hangman, Im Jonghoon

:   Jeong Yeonjoong (SNU)

:   Cho Yoonchul (PH6 DESIGN LAB)

Water Resilient Design

Re-defining & Enhancing Urban Connections


The ferry terminal consists of a main terminal that fluctuates within the structure of the bridge and waiting rooms connected to the mooring fingers. Main terminal mass has two levels connected with grand stair and sitting for views and waiting. Lower level area is functionally organized for embarkation including ticket booth, office, departure declaration, vessel entry, lost children shelter, locker room and etc. On upper level, located ancillary programs such as cafés, convenience store and fast food restaurant with sitting area along the perimeter of the floor to promote passengers comfort during their stay. Multi-level observation stair well connects main ferry terminal to the top of the bridge to provide extended views towards city and the water as visitors are walking up, and this observation level, the highest level of this complex, will go even higher when flood water pushes up the supporting pontoons of the ferry terminal.


The top level ( +20m and up) of the bridge is as a varied green landscape with stairs, ramps, niches, and performance space, inviting people for a stroll or relaxing moments, while enjoying the view of the river and city scape. The covered plaza under the bridge at level+10 becomes essentially a public space for visitors and citizens alike. It could for instance become an ideal place for a night market or informal outdoor performances. The mall level (+16m) in the middle of bridge connects to Yeouidong-ro where the subway entrances are located. Yeouijeong contains its varous programs including exhibition and gallery spaces as well as cafés and restaurants looking out to the park and the river.

Splendid Scenery Across the Border
Integration of Terminal, Plaza, and Facilities
Water Resilient Edge Treatment

Bridge to Urban, Water, and Life

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