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Village O, next Onggi Village
옹기마을 명소화 국제지명설계공모

International Invited Design Competition

'Village O' is a future world where ideas that have not yet been ignited along with creative DNA accumulated for a long time are gathered to create new things. By adding a delicate touch to the village's original charm and boldly revealing its cultural potential, Oegosan Onggi Village aims to become the birthplace of cultural contents in Ulsan, not  just simply being area of pottery production.

​'Flying O', a lounge for art creators and a leisure space for citizens, is a key commercial and cultural complex in the village where exhibitions, sales, eating and lectures are held, sharing the belief that strange, fun, strange, but beautiful ideas can be the inspiration for everyone.




Site Area 

Building Area

Floor Area

Building Size

Building Height

Finish Material

Design Team

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:   Masterplan, Commercial & Cultural Building 

    Branding,  Executive Producing Planning

:   2021.05~07

:   36, Oegosan 3-gil, Onyang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan,          Republic of Korea

:   3,674.00 sqm

:   2,064.11 sqm

:   5,248.74sqm

:   3 Buildings(B1F~3F), Floating Canopy Structure

:   15m (max.)

:   Perforated Polished metal panel (canopy roof)

    Terracotta Panel, Colored Steel Panel,

    Triple Low-E Glass, Translucent Glass Panel

:   Zo Hangman (SNU)

:   Seo Jiyoung, Im Jonghoon,

    Kim Garim, Jung Yeonjoong (TAAL)

:   Bae Younguk, Cho Youngju (Local Drive)

:   Kim Changyong, Han Sanggon,

    Choi Hyunsung, An Jonggyu (TAALab)

:   Lee Yujin(RCA,UK), Chung Woowon(GSD),

    Hong Chaewon (SNU)

:   Hwang Namin (Narrative Architects)

:   Ha Hyeongwon

:   Kim Jounghui, Hong Sewon

Village 'O' Brand Identity

Village of Wonder, O! Village O

Village of Wonder, O! Village O

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