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구미동 28 어린이종합지원센터

"I Love Spending Time at Nursery School!"

Hayoon's favorite spot at the nursery school is the indoor playground, in which natural light falls in. Spending time in the playground (e.g. block-stacking, slide-riding) is always too short, as the clock soon indicates twelve (lunchtime). 

Hayoon's Diary: Today I played tag with my friends at Gumi Park and looked for anthills. On Wednesday, my friend and I built a 1-meter tall robot at the second-floor toy library. P.S. It was really cool to see the daycare center from the toy library :P 

On Fridays, family yoga takes place in the auditorium (third floor) as an afterschool activity. After participating in yoga, I usually walk down the stairs that lead me to Gumi Park. From there, I show my brother and mommy my flower collection I've recently collected :)




Site Area 

Building Area

Floor Area

Building Size

Building Height

Finish Material

Design Team

:   Nursery School

:   2021.12

:   28, Gumi-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Korea

:   868.8 sqm

:   3,873.38 sqm

:   691.33 sqm

:   B3F, 3F

:   14.5m 

:   Corrugated Metal Sheet,

    Wood Louver, Triple Low-e Glass,

    Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS)

:   Seo Jiyoung, Im Jonghoon,

    Jung Yeonjoong, Lee Dongjoo (TAAL)

 Zo Hangman, Lee Seungjin, Chung Yoo Jin (SNU)


Neighbouring Site & Circulation

Circulation & Bird's Eye View.jpg
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