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UWS Headquarters
​UWS 사옥 디자인 프로젝트

The UWS headquarters, located just behind the COEX opposite Samseong-dong, is the first permanent home for this advanced IT company specializing in cloud, data services, and blockchain, transitioning from leased spaces.

The site, facing a 6-meter wide one-way street intersection on its northeastern side, is a long rectangular plot running north-south, previously occupied by a residence, and measures approximately 60 pyeong (about 198 square meters).

To accommodate the growing number of employees comfortably and efficiently on this relatively small plot, a maximally functional and simple floor plan was adopted. Each floor, approximately 30 pyeong (about 99 square meters), is designed to accommodate at least 20 employees with sizable desks. The core is kept compact to maximize the working space, and individual restrooms are located on each stair landing to ensure comfort, privacy, and convenience.

The identity of the state-of-the-art IT company is subtly reflected through the use of silver-colored steel bent panels, evoking the image of computers and IT devices. The design features a simple box shape, chosen to minimize construction defects related to insulation, waterproofing, and condensation over time, while also reducing construction complexity and costs compared to buildings of similar size.

The south side of the building is designed with a transparent curtain wall, considering sunlight access, daylighting, and views to the garden, as the adjacent building is sufficiently set back to ensure direct sunlight. The northeast corner features a three-story high transparent window facing the intersection and main entrance, responding to the site's conditions.

Other independent windows are designed for cross-ventilation purposes and are tailored to the indoor work environment, which mainly involves computer use, providing appropriate lighting and a comfortable focus. The exterior is adorned with perforated metal panels, enhancing the simple box shape and reinforcing the symbolic identity of the IT company.

Despite these considerations, the roof is designed as a garden for employees, and mechanical parking systems are used to provide more than double the legally required parking spaces, along with additional waiting areas, maximizing convenience.




Site Area 

Building Area

Floor Area

Building Size

Building Height

Finish Material

Design Team


:   Office Building

:   2022.01 ~ 2022.09

:   155-17 Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

:   200.5m² (60.7 pyeong)

:   98.68m² 

:   498.88m²

:   B2F, 6F

:   25.36m 

:   Luxteel bent panels, exposed concrete

:   Seo Jiyoung, Lee Dongjoo (TAAL)

:   Zo Hangman (SNU)

:   PH6 Design Lab

UWS Headquarters, Design Project.



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