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Medical Experiment Simulator
의료기술 실험용 시뮬레이터

Simulating Emergency Medical Institution Spaces




Building Area

Finish Material

Design Team

:   Experimental Architecture

:   2023

:   539-1 Noejo-ri, Jori-eup, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

:   174m²

:   THK12 plywood, diamond checkered steel plate

:   Zo Hangman, Lee Sangwon, Kim Jinyoung, Shen Ruoqi,        Yeo Myungeun, Geum Jaehun (TAALab, SNU)

:   Seo Jiyoung, Lim Jonghoon(TAAL)

The Respiratory Infection Control Technology Simulator simulates spaces where control technologies are applied, rather than providing fundamental medical services. Designed for conducting experiments on infection control technologies, the simulator includes various functional spaces in addition to the experimental area, necessitating additional spaces like HVAC facilities beyond the simulator area. Therefore, it is efficient to install it in large indoor spaces such as warehouses or gymnasiums where ample indoor space is available, minimizing unnecessary processes such as basic and waterproofing works.


This approach allows the facility to be freed from extreme weather conditions and other external environmental factors, with the warehouse interior acting as a buffer zone to prevent potential direct leaks of biological incidents to the outside. In this plan, the simulator is positioned considering the main entrance located at the lower-left corner of the warehouse. The space above is allocated for equipment, while the space on the right is planned for additional storage of goods.

Simulator Space Simulation Scenario
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