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Namyangju Wangsuk2 District
New town Masterplan Competition

남양주 왕숙2지구 도시기본구상 및 입체적 도시공간계획 공모

Self-sufficient City

The Covid-19 pandeic has brought a major transition in the city and life. Life place evolving as multi-purpose space, nature linked to the life place, and smart movement beyond cars and public transportation have emerged as major tasks


Wangsuk2 district is small in size and has a detailed view of three rivers surrounded by low hills. We planned green by fully maintaining its original landscape. As a result, nature enters deeply into the daily life of the city, and roads reflect it and take a natural form.

As a cultural complex city, Wangsuk2 district is centered on cultural facilities, conventions, design business centers and design campuses that connect the new station and the three-dimensional pedestrian bridge, and surrounded by river side cafe culture street, Lifestyle street, and Creators' village. The culture enjoyed here and the culture made here are combined, creating one's own lifestyle. And various personalities meet industries evolve into a life culture development base that leads to start-ups and innovations.

Wangsuk District 2, where three waterways are connected, is a city that is fun to move around. From somewhere, you can reach the waterway within 5 minutes, and you can arrive at the station within 10 minutes along the waterway. If you are busy, you can use the micro mobility-only road built along the living street and the waterway. To support it, stations, bus stops and micro-mobility hubs and stations are located in each complex. In addition, living roads with a uniform lane width and clear boundaries can be autonomously driven with level 3 technology.

Wangsuk District 2 is a human-scale city where a small road that you want to walk between small blocks passes, and a school park connected to the green axis forms the center of a borderless living area. All of this comes together to form a city of leisure.





Floor Area

Design Team



:   Urban Master Plan + Community Design

:   Public Housing 

:   2019 ~ 2028

:   1,2pae-dong, Namyangju-si, Korea

:   2,447,495sqm

:   Seo Jiyoung (TAAL)

:   Zo Hangman (SNU)

:   Park Minhee, Lee Seungmin (TAALab, SNU)

:   G.S Architects&Associates

:   Urbaninsite Architects

:   1st Prize

Self-sufficient City for Post Covid-19

Birds' Eyed View_Micro
Birds' Eyed View_Macro
Site Plan
Waterfront Perspective
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